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Find out more about Choice Neighborhoods on HUD's Website: here

What is Choice Neighborhoods?

HUD's Choice Neighborhoods program promotes a comprehensive approach to transforming neighborhoods struggling to address the interconnected challenges of distressed   housing, inadequate schools, poor health, high crime, and historic disinvestment. Choice Neighborhoods is focused on three core goals:

  1. Housing 

  2. People

  3. Neighborhood

The resulting Transformation Plan lays the foundation for revitalizing the distressed public and/or assisted housing units, transforming the surrounding neighborhood, and promoting opportunities for families.



Add your voice to the process and learn more about the redevelopment plans of the Frederick Douglass community!


Transformation Plan

With a $250,000 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant, the Housing Authority of the City of Phenix City and the City of Phenix City will lead residents and neighborhood leaders in developing a comprehensive Transformation Plan for the Frederick Douglass Choice Neighborhood. Through the planning process, Housing, People and Neighborhood Working Groups will focus on identifying needs, priorities and strategies that will help to redevelop distressed housing, increase opportunities for residents, and revitalize the surrounding neighborhood. 


What's Next?

Three Alternatives


Check out the Three Alternatives presented to the community on Dec. 3rd, 2019 by clicking here.

We need your feedback. Please email us and let us know your thoughts for our community! Contact Us

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